My little Snow Guy

OK, so our first real snow of the season happened yesterday. It is pretty bad timing for me...trying to sell houses, including my own, in the snowy weather...but for Robbie it was better than Disneyland. He spent 3 hours out there playing! He would stop in every once in awhile to go potty or get a drink, but then he was right back out there! I guess the excitement warms him up!

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The place to Play on a freezing Day!

Thank you to the "Smith's" who donated their mansion to all of the kids of Philadelphia! We went to the Smith Playhouse yesterday to let the kids run around. It had been awhile since we had gone, and let me just say it is a dream come true for parents and kids! Three floors of TOYS! We could have stayed there all day! And the best part for me is no mess in the house! Hooray for kind people who donate mansions and toys!

They have a snack room...

the basement level is all cars, tricycles, bicycles, little gas stations, houses, roads, and stoplights!

The middle level is bigger toys like a wooden train, boat, house, etc

not shown is the third level that is ALL fun toys: dinosaurs, kitchen, dollhouse, trainset, workbench, infant toys, etc!
Addie and Robbie were going crazy with excitement, Bennie and Elle were loving all of the new toys they had never seen!
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Daddy, how was your good day?

I love Robbie's way of asking how the day went. He doesnt leave any room for negativity...just a little boy assuming that it is always a good day. With him around, it always is!
After getting tools for his birthday, you will find him "tooling" all around the house everyday. He even cleared off a shelf in his Daddy's tool room for his set. He is always making sure his drill is working correctly!
Elle is a little girl who loves her sleep. Even though she is a light sleeper, she loves to spend time in her crib. After church today, she fell asleep...at about 4:30...for the night! That is how it goes when she doesnt get a nap! She is still teasing us, standing up in the middle of the room and staying on her feet for over a minute--but NOT walking! Hopefully soon!



The Sunday before Valentines...

OK, so I dress my kids festively for church! I was glad she could use this holiday sweater one more time before retiring it to the 6-12 months box. For Valentines ideas...go to my idea blog.
I've been teaching Robbie about saying "You're my Valentine!"
I know that he is his sister's valentine...she loves him So much. He can make her smile by walking into the room!
Sometimes he holds her a little too tight!
She is so Happy...and has 6 teeth now. She stood up in the middle of the room the other day, took a step and got right back on her knees.
Robbie has been telling me hour long stories about "swording" the bad guy, saving the girl, taking me (his princess) up to the sky, and turning the scary guys into happy guys. He is obsessed with being a Prince right now, Prince Robbie, because all his friends from playgroup and preschool are princesses. He even asked me to go put on my princess dress!


Robbie's Dino Party

Robbie's dinosaur party was So much fun! If you want party details, go to www.lifefrosting.blogspot.com.

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Happy 3rd Birthday Robbie!

I cant believe I have a 3 year old! Robbie's birthday was on Tuesday and I think he had a pretty fun day. I had to run a few errands in the morning, but I let him watch a movie in the car...so that was exciting. Then I took him to Pottery Barn Kids to play for a little bit and then...I gave in...and bought him the spider man sheets! Later after his nap he opened his presents and Hooray, he went to Chuckee cheese for the first time! Pretty ghetto place, but really a kid wonderland!

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